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With over 10,000 miles of rich coastline from the South Western Arabian Sea to the Musandam in the North; the rich waters of the Indian ocean provide an abundance of minerals that produces high quality protein rich seafood year round.


Omani Products

Panulirus homarus 


Omani Rock Lobster is fished responsibly using low impact methods by expert artisanal fishers from March to end of May.  Available in generous sizes for a deliciously meaty product.

Coryphaena hippurus

Mahi Mahi

Also known as Dolphin fish, Omani Mahi is a responsible alternative source to other over-fished regions with average sizes of 5 to 7kg and regular landings of 14kg year round.

Thunnus Albacares


Off the coast of Oman the rich nutrients in the Indian ocean offers an abundance of Yellowfin Tuna in above average sizing,  fished November to June. Available Fresh and Frozen.

Technology meets artisanal fishing

We've partnered exclusively with a fishing fleet and state of the art processor in Oman.  We're proud to support their operations to offer high quality Omani seafood to the rest of the world


Ocean Expert's clean, state of the art factory is located in Dhofar, Oman near to the Salalah port to quickly receive product.

Blast freezing

This plant uses a state of the art process for blast freezing for a faster, more uniform and better quality frozen product.

Lab testing 

Onsite lab testing facilities ensure that any product requirements for export and import are done quickly and efficiently.


With onsite packaging and custom labelling products are taken through every process in one place to ensure no cold-chain breakage.

A sustainable future 

We've partnered with IPNLF to introduce one-by-one fishing in Oman to provide a higher grade product while protecting the ocean and it's marine life.  
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Fresh Traceable


Every fresh seafood shipment comes with an SFS Trace QR code that tracks and displays information on the product source, how it was fished, harvest dates, flight numbers and mor


Verify the source of your product, and any sustainability requirements you have while giving your customers a way to 'Discover the journey' of their fish.

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